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Towards the Era of Intelligent Governance

Author: ZHANG Chenggang
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.09.01
Page Count:264

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This book profoundly interprets the logical tensions between governance theory and practice from dimensions such as social and modernity reconstruction, new technological revolution and modernization of social governance, the modern transformation of traditional Chinese society and the modern layout of contemporary social governance, and the Western evolutionary context of globalization and social governance. After defining the historical intersection of technological development and social governance, it further conducts specialized research on new social governance topics brought about by the latest technological revolution. Through analyzing multiple logical relationships such as “Learn About Governance” and “Learn About Intelligence,” the book clarifies the future path of constructing an AI social governance system. In this book, the author’s thoughts on the modernization of social governance in the era of AI are closely combined with his practical experience, which is truly invaluable.

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