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Social Insurance Fund Management

Author: LU Jinfei
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.01.01
Page Count:320

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This textbook is positioned as a high-quality teaching material combining theory and practice, connecting policy and the market, and bridging operations and investment.The “Principles” part focuses on the theoretical foundation of social security systems, which is closely linked to the theoretical development trajectory of national and social governance realities of countries around the world. The “Policy” part systematically introduces the management systems and policies of China’s social security projects and related funds, offering a detailed explanation of fund management from the perspective of the social security fund management process. The “Investment” part covers theories, tools, and methods related to investment in social security fund management. It presents vital investment tools in fund investment management, extracts suitable investment strategies and tools with regard to the characteristics of social security funds, and talks about how to decide if the investment timing is right. The “Regulation” part reviews and elaborates on the regulatory issues in social security fund management, including theoretical analyses based on game theory, practical comparisons of security fund regulation of the international society, and a systematic explanation and analysis of China’s regulatory practices.

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