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SaaS Product Manager from Rookie to Expert: Skills Tree Details and Real-World Business Advancement

Author: WANG Daiming
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2022.05.01
Page Count:244

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This book revolves around how to become an excellent SaaS product manager, placing equal emphasis on theory and practice. Chapter 1 discusses the development and current status of SaaS products and analyzes the essence of the SaaS model to give readers a comprehensive and profound understanding of SaaS products;Chapters 2 and 3 cover the essential qualities and skills required for a SaaS project manager in combination with the author’s personal experience, focusing on methods and techniques for developing these abilities, which are strongly practical; Chapter 4 guides readers through the detailed design of a practical SaaS product, offering them first-hand experience in planning a SaaS product from scratch; An outstanding SaaS product manager is closest to a CEO, so Chapter 5 helps readers understand SaaS strategies, tactics, core competencies, entrepreneurial pitfalls, and more, fostering readers’ ability to engage in equal conversations with CEOs.The target readers of this book include SaaS entrepreneurs, SaaS product directors, SaaS product managers, practitioners that need to collaborate with SaaS product managers, those who want to transition into SaaS product managers, students interested in entering the SaaS industry, and investors in the corporate services sector.

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