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How to Fulfill College Life

Author: MA Dongxin
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.12.01
Page Count:280

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As high school and college entrance examination have folded into the past, college life is approaching in sequence. Hopping into a new stage of life and a completely unfamiliar environment, how can you accommodate yourself and initiate your wonderful college life in a short time? Challenged by a vast amount of academic courses with complexity, abstruseness and variety, how can you rapidly and effectively grasp the core content and win the credits with satisfactory marks? Attracted simultaneously by club activity, volunteering service and professional internship, how can you make a right choice and achieve the balance among academic study, personal interest and future career preparation? Surrounded by the intense pressure from academic study and scientific research, how can you tune the mindset well and preserve a delight and positive mental altitude?As an outstanding graduate of Tsinghua University and an experienced academic consultant, the author is well skilled in a series of accessible and practical methods on effective time management for academic pursuit, and also on a theory level develops the set of methods with a further step on novelty, systematicness and scientificity. Integrating the experience of both self growth and academic counseling, the author shares her perspectives on a variety topics including the adaptation of college life, time management, academic study, scientific research, career planning, emotion managment. The author hopes that these contents may well serve a broad readership, especially the undergraduates-to-be, undergraduates and postgraduates.

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