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Design and Construction of Foundation Pit Engineering and Risk Control

Author: LIU Jun, ZHOU Yucheng, BAI Xuefeng
Publication Date:2023.04.01
Page Count:248

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Foundation pit engineering is an imperative branch in civil engineering, involving various disciplines such as engineering geology and hydrogeology, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, structural mechanics, soil-structure interaction, in situ testing technology, construction techniques, and environmental geotechnical engineering, showing a high degree of comprehensiveness. Foundation pit engineering is extensively applied but is also troubled by a high accident rate. Focusing on the risk control of foundation pit engineering, this book elaborates on the design and construction of foundation pit engineering using the most common forms of support structures. Foundation pit engineering with different support structures form has design, construction, and risk control systems of its own. This book twins social development needs and constructs a risk control system for foundation pit engineering. It not only reflects the frontiers of this discipline but also discusses ultra-deep foundation pit engineering’s development and existing problems. The knowledge presented is systematic, and the theories are closely linked to real-life practice.

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