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Research on the Potential, Models, and Mechanisms of Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries

Author: YAN Guoqing, GAO Cong, YAN Han, YIN Junjie
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.02.01
Page Count:140

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This book introduces methods such as the international industry cooperation ranking and rating system to systematically study the models, mechanisms, and policies of industrial cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries. It collects and compiles rich and accurate data on the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation and numerous related cases, forming a comprehensive data report and case library. It uncovers the reasons behind the bottlenecks encountered in China’s economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries and suggests countermeasures. The book can provide theoretical, data, and case support for government departments, research institutions, and relevant theoretical researchers engaged in the China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation. Meanwhile, it offers a replicable model for China’s cooperation with other regions involved in the Belt and Road initiative and serves as a reference for Chinese and Central and Eastern European enterprises to conduct investment and business activities as well as achieve synergistic development based on the global value chain.

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