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Digital Supply Chain Theory and Practice

Author: MA Xiaoyu, ZHANG Yuli, YE Qiongwei
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.02.01
Page Count:296

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This book emphasizes the integration of theory and practice, not only providing a detailed introduction to the cutting-edge theoretical methods of digital supply chain both domestically and internationally, but also fully demonstrating practical cases of digital supply chain transformation with Chinese characteristics.On the theoretical side, this book systematically introduces the essence, origin, and development of digital supply chain, elaborates on the four strategic values, five core businesses, and nine empowering technologies of digital supply chain, and proposes the implementation path and future development trend of digital supply chain.On the practical side, this book analyzes the typical processes and actual effects of supply chain digital transformation by introducing excellent cases of digital supply chain in China's discrete and process manufacturing industries, and shares the implementation experience that can be drawn upon.

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