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A Course in Art Technology:Activation and Application of Cultural Heritage

Author: DING Fang, ZHANG Hao, GUAN Jiamin
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2022.12.01
Page Count:264

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A Course in Art Technology: Activation and Application of Cultural Heritage is a significant achievement of the major research project, “Art Technology” first-class discipline construction, of the Renmin University of China. The discipline construction focuses on the inheritance and promotion of outstanding traditional Chinese culture, as well as the preservation, restoration, relocation, and creation of artistic and cultural heritage related to the Belt and Road initiative. It aims to offer solutions to the bottlenecks in the “revitalization” of cultural heritage and the transformation of China’s cultural and tourism industry. Art technology can facilitate and deepen the conversion of the Renaissance methodology of “art and science” in the new era, making it a theoretical foundation for the revival of Chinese culture and the Eastern Renaissance. Furthermore, it is capable of enhancing the development of composite talents in fields such as art and cultural heritage, art and cultural management, and art and communication, as well as deepening the integration of industry and education and strengthening the incorporation of teaching, industry, research, and application. This book can serve as a course textbook for relevant majors in colleges and universities and is also suitable for practitioners in the cultural and creative industry, social art education workers, and art enthusiasts as reading and reference material.

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