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Strategic Management of Modern Enterprises: Thought, method and practice

Author: JIA Xudong
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2022.11.01
Page Count:320

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Takes thought, method and practice of modern enterprise strategic management as the key link, introduces the theory, method and implementation points of modern enterprise strategic management systematically and logically.Thought section: Starts from the basic theory of strategic management, this section traces the source of strategic thought, reviews the development process of strategic management theory, looks forward to the frontier and future of strategic management, discusses the subject of strategic management and its strategic thinking, and lays a foundation for readers of understanding "The approach of strategic management", cultivating strategic thought and training strategic thinking.Method section: Summarizes the existing methods of strategic analysis and decision-making, creates comprehensive, in-depth and exercisable system of strategic analysis and decision-making system of strategic analysis and formulation, which provides operable ideas and methods for readers to analyze strategic environment, formulate corporate strategies and make strategic decisions.Practice section: Discusses the implementation and control of enterprise strategy comprehensively, and introduces the practical operation of enterprise strategy at all levels comprehensively and deeply, which provides comprehensive guidance for the practice of strategic management.

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