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Time-Space Leadership

Author: CHEN Guoquan
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2022.08.01
Page Count:212

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Time-Space Leadership systematically expounds the time-space theory of leadership and management, emphasizing that leaders must understand, analyze, design, and make decisions about organizations from both temporal and spatial perspectives in a multi-level, multidimensional, and dynamic manner. They should adopt actions and measures to achieve excellent organizational performance, as well as maintain sustainable survival and healthy and harmonious development.The book consists of eight chapters: Chapter 1 Harbor the Time-Space Theory in Heart: Overall Framework of Time-Space Leadership; Chapter 2 Hold the Arrow of Levels to Know the Hidden and the Obvious Things; Chapter 3 Hold the Arrow of Dimensions to Understand Weak and Strong Sides of Things; Chapter 4 Hold the Arrow of Dynamics to Know the Constant Situation and the Changes; Chapter 5 Simultaneously Hold the Three Arrows to Master Knowledge in Six Aspects; Chapter 6 Master Coordination Strategies and Gather the Spatial-Temporal Power; Chapter 7 Adopt Competitive Strategies to Achieve Victory; and Chapter 8 Achieve Prosperity: The Effectiveness of Time-Space Leadership. Each chapter explains the relevant theories and methods of time-space leadership, providing rich discussions of classic and contemporary theories and practical cases at home and abroad.

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