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Thirty Years of Chinese Classical Education

Author: ZHU Anshun
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2023.03.01
Page Count:340

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This book is a rare monograph exploring the theories of the inheritance and development of Chinese classical education in combination with practical applications from three aspects of the connotation of Chinese classical education, the development of classical education in the past century, and the construction of the classical curriculum system. Based on a summary of historical experiences in Chinese classical education, reflections on the trends of the times, and analysis of practical cases in classical education, the book strives to explore the construction of classical curriculum systems to promote the development of Chinese classical education. Notably, the book also discusses the practices and successful cases of related countries and regions in social classical education, encompassing numerous vivid examples. In the meantime, it provides feasible and constructive suggestions on how to avoid turning classical education into mere high-profile rhetoric about abstract principles.

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