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Harnessing Data for Improved Productivity: Managing the Full Lifecycle of Data

Author: SUN Dan, SHEN Yushi, ZHAO Yong
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2023.04.01
Page Count:300

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As a new factor of production, data drives economic development and enhances productivity. From the perspectives of the basic understanding of data, the birth and growth of the data circle, and the future data will bring, this book further discusses the core nodes of the data life cycle management, as well as the challenges and focuses of the corporate data application and management. Finally, it interprets and analyzes the different fields of traditional data application. The book comprehensively explains what data is, the application of data, the future of data, and so on. Through this book, readers can glimpse the wonderful new era unveiled by data and expect that data possesses the superpower of turning the impossible into the possible in all walks of life.The book consists of nine chapters. Chapter 1 is foundational, introducing the basic understanding of data, including its origins, concepts, and the ever-expanding data ecosystem. Chapter 2 delves into different types of data, data sources, and where data is generated, allowing readers to have a comprehensive understanding of data. Chapter 3 analyzes and discusses the current state of data and its future. Chapters 4 to 9 focus on data application, demonstrating various aspects of data lifecycle management and analyzing the plights and priorities of corporate data applications. The chapters also present prominent fields and cutting-edge domains of data application for reference. From foundational theory to practical application, this book comprehensively and vividly presents data in front of readers.The book is suitable for professionals and researchers in the data industry, government officials, universities, traditional enterprises, practitioners in the technology industry, business managers and employees undergoing digital transformation, and anyone interested in data economics and digital transformation.

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